an xWHYz initiative - October 2020

Way before the word corporation came into our jargon ,

We remember hearing the word "business community".

That's the part of the eco-system we would like to reignite.


Our community.





Our Community begins with









We at




recognise and respect

the freelancers,

the gig workers,

the solopreneurs,

the micro-entrepreneurs,

that team of ambitious friends,

that budding kidpreneur,

the shy one

the home business owner, 

the confused one

the anonymous,

the li'l guy. 












You, us and them,

All united

by the drive to do something different.

That drive is what we call


yes, you


y  u

As a

VUCA business transformation catalyst,

we at Zacrey,

would like to #payitforward

by contributing some of

our time , our skills , our network

to help you



(even during a pandemic)

We're calling this initiative ​



You are not in this alone,

everyone is trying to combat the crisis.

Just in the Micro. Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

80K Businesses in Bahrain contributing to 30% to the GDP

150K Businesses in Dubai contributing to 51% of the GDP

31M Businesses in USA contributing to 50% to the GDP

42.5m Businesses in India contributing to 29% to the GDP

This is a glimpse of "y"our potential impact

We welcome others to join in, if you'd like to contribute your skills - feel free to just list below saying you'd like to help.

The best way to predict the future, is to create it.

Let's create it together




This is not a call for funding or an advertisement .

We're just reaffirming our ethos as a

Human centered, Design empowered technology driven

vuca business transformation consultancy.

If you're still not convinced,
remember your network is your networth.

We can work together to move us all forward.

*VUCA  is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous.

Click vuca to learn how we are already in the new normal

Any business sector, Any scale,

We know the hardest answers can be figured out if we ask the right questions. 

Right questions lead you to the right answer most often

We thought we'd help you by helping you

ask the right kind of questions.

Just select some of the most frequent or

ask us your own question.

Come be a part of #TxT2020 initiative
Choose from some of frequenty asked questions.



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