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Silicon Valley wouldn't exist if big companies couldn't identify technology and market opportunities and move with speed to capitalize on them.

We are technology-driven business designers
that fast track ideas and strategies
into globally scalable
high growth companies.


The most successful companies are those that have developed aggressive venture strategies and have made ventures critical components of their strategic and operating success. For today's corporations, traditional internal expansions, enhancing efficency and synergistic acquisitions are no longer sufficient sources of growth in most industry segments that have grown crowded and hypercompetitive. 


The new challenge is to search for emerging white space opportunities, "new-business creations that would meet the unmet, unserved needs of customers in emerging markets.Large and midsized companies can discover a source of growth they are striving to achieve. New business creation has become central to achieving strategic and financial objectives of market champions.​

Companies that are looking for the next big thing should be developing the specific sustainable innovation approaches that mitigate the risks of innovation and thereby improve the return on innovation investment.  Best in class companies consistently enjoy higher innovation success rates than other companies. 

Our playbook

  • The Zacrey Partners team works side-by-side with customers to jointly formulate strategies and business plans, new business and public service models and market entry strategies, change the organization's way of thinking and promote organizational transformation.

  • With strategies for leveraging current product and technology being so heavily relied upon, it is essential that startups, MSMEs and organisations have well defined best practices to drive these initiates quickly and effectively.

  • In our work, we provide best practices and experience gained from various projects in many countries and industries. 

  • We provide support to mature companies, governments and start-ups customers through strategic services to help them make meaningful changes in their business, organization and society.

Our Offering

  • Defining New Product

  • Creating Complementary Products

  • Repurposing Technology for Disruptive Entry.

  • Finding New Audidences

  • Evolving Current Products to expand markets.

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