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human capital management

When reimagining, work may be more than just a process. By releasing people's potential and creating an organization that can withstand risks, adapt to the future, and establish meaning for employees' identities, the results can drive productivity, value, and impact, and employee identities will drive continuous results.

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We are magnets for high performance leaders and teams by optimising the most valuable asset -people

human capital management

Human capital engineering (a new term for performance management) is the process of creating a working environment or setting up an environment in which people can give full play to their abilities. Human capital engineering is a complete work system, starting from the initial definition of work and ending when employees leave your organization. 


As VUCA business transformation consultants, we at Zacrey Partners understand the value of people with the right mindset and how they impact growth, productivity and the bottom line.

Strategic functions

The human capital engineering system includes at least the following actions:

  • Develop a clear job description to identify and define the competencies required to perform the job effectively

  • Choose the right person through the right selection process

  • Negotiate performance standards, outcomes and measures based on needs and achievements

  • Provide effective guidance, education and training

  • Provide continuous guidance and feedback

  • Conduct regular and regular performance development discussions (ie once every quarter)

  • Design an effective compensation/recognition system to reward people for their contributions

  • Provide employees with promotion/career development opportunities

  • Determine future organizational needs and corresponding development and succession plans

  • Conduct exit interviews to understand why valuable employees leave the organization

  • Therefore, human capital engineering can be regarded as a continuous cycle:

  • Establish goals, objectives and expected performance plans

  • Performance training, in which the required information and skills are transferred

  • Performance assignment for work distribution

  • Performance coaching/consulting/progress disciplines, managers intervene to provide feedback and adjust performance

  • Performance evaluation, formally record personal performance and provide feedback

Our playbook

In today's rapidly changing economy, human capital has become an important source of competitive advantage. A comprehensive human capital engineering process can help your organization select, guide, evaluate and develop employees to achieve bottom-line goals and maximize human capital advantages.

The human capital engineering process will align the organization's strategic goals with key human resource business processes. You can use this information to:

  • Perform personal and organizational analysis

  • Reduce education costs

  • Improve recruitment methods

  • Improve retention

  • Improve your HR performance and development planning process

  • Deploy human capital more effectively, and

  • Help management to make strategic decisions about preparing for more or new projects


By building links the right business expertise to the unique needs of each organization to maximize the potential of customers to increase productivity and profitability. Using only the general counsel and facilitators, Zacrey Partners can ensure that our customers have the necessary practical business tools to immediately and continuously improve their performance in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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