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The creative & cultural industries’ refers to a range of economic activities that are concerned with the generation and commercialisation of creativity, ideas, knowledge and information.


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The creative economy is an emerging concept dealing with the interface between creativity, culture, economics and technology in a contemporary world dominated by images, sounds, texts and symbols.Today, the creative industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world economy providing new opportunities for developing countries to leapfrog into emerging high-growth areas of the world economy

The creative industries are at the crossroads of the arts, culture, business and technology. All these activities are intensive in creative skills and can generate income through trade and intellectual property rights.

There are thirteen sub-sectors under the term ‘creative industries’ and these are: advertising; the art and antiques market; ; architecture, crafts; design; designer fashion; film and video; interactive leisure software; music; the performing arts; publishing; software and computer games; and television and radio.

Our Offering

Business Design 

  • Arts, culture and creative industries strategies are essential to successful business, communities, and places. At Zacrey Partners we understand how to support and grow social enterprises, businesses and sector related organisations at all levels.

  • We do this by listening, understanding, researching, educating and delivering bespoke narratives that include Social relevance, Economic sustainability, Ecological balance and Cultural contextualisation

  • Impact centric design looks at a paradigm shift in using design as a thinking and execution tool beyond human-centric approach. In a hyper-connected world, impact of design and innovation is not just on humans but also on larger ecosystems of economy, society, ecology and culture.

  • From management consultancy to business advice and mentoring. From developing design related services and funding advice. We can help you create networks, strategies to build and transform your organisation. 


We are a design + strategy consulting firm with creativity at the core of our thinking and our methods all embedded in technology to rapidly protoype innovative solutions and globally scale high impact viable ideas. We are agent of the creative economy that has a trans-generational imprint and impact. As a technology-driven practice, we are fascinated by the juxtaposition between the method of business, the science of design and the impact of strategy; or to put it in another way the right blend of all the above into the business milieu. 


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