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EDUCATION& training

We bring an exquisite blend of academic and operational expertise to radically transform the culture, learning environment and outcomes for all the stakeholders. We achieve this with an expert multi-disciplinary team of educators, policymakers, designers edtech experts and thought leaders. Education has to lead the light for all industries.


Happy Children

In a rapidly changing world, education as a key lever to help people reach their full potential has never been more important. We are committed to improving education and employment outcomes and helping to create a prosperous society that provides equal opportunities. To this end, we will focus on increasing everyone’s access, affordability, and quality, and narrowing the gap between race, socioeconomic status, and gender.

We provide services to educational institutions and systems, governments, vocational training providers, service providers, and charitable and for-profit investors. Our team includes teachers, institutional leaders, researchers and decision makers who are committed to helping the next generation flourish not only as workers but as citizens.

How we facilitate our Clients

Reform the school system

Through our work in diagnosis, strategy and implementation, we can rapidly improve literacy and numeracy in the classroom.

Transform higher education institutions

Help universities and research institutions strengthen teaching and research, increase graduation rates, design and implement digital strategies, improve the ability to serve students, transform administrative management methods and stabilize financial conditions.

 Provide solutions from education to employment

Co-operate with employers, education providers, governments, and foundations to help students make a seamless transition from education to work, and re-train the skills of adults to transition between occupations.

Harness Education Technology

Apply innovative digital tools to innovate teaching methods inside and outside the classroom, improve teacher collaboration and development, and improve the management efficiency of the school system.

Guide philanthropy and for-profit investment decisions

To help for-profit and charitable investors allocate funds to create results for students, while creating financial returns for those in need.

Our Offerings

1. Long-term plan

We will support you as you define the project and articulate your vision for the school. Then we will prepare

  • Project feasibility study and financial plan

  • Architect’s Educational Design Introduction

  • General plan for courses, staffing, recruitment and management projects

  • School management, communication system and website options

  • Strategic digital marketing plan

  • Bespoke digital transformation of academic and operation practice.

2. One year before opening

As the project opens up to schools, we can

  • Design and publish your school website, and establish the system required for online admissions applications

  • A large number of start-up company recruitment plans for academic staff and support staff

  • Design and set up your governance, leadership, and policy structure, publish key documents online, and provide administrators and school community members with access to a custom range

  • Arrange to order comprehensive supplies, resources, equipment and furniture

3. After opening

  • With the support of full-time leaders responsible for the management of the new school,

  • Supervise the learning situation of the first school year with the school leadership team

  • Prepare for the school’s first inspection and certification

4. Operational Shift

  • Facilitation of audits and framework to enhance operational agility to address the evolving goals and competencies of staff and learners.

Working in Lab


Strategic planning for the Education Sector

Our long-term planning approach allows schools and organizations to fully focus on their goals and maintain progress, while confidently responding to changing circumstances beyond their control.

The school’s priorities must be considered on a case-by-case basis, so when we are engaged in training or simplification, we will always provide a short analytical overview of your position in high-priority areas. We can also assist you with certification or inspection.


Mission, vision and strategy

Our approach to strategic planning shows that having a clear vision for the future can keep the direction the same, while the mission is the compass, which points the way to the wind direction. The three-year strategy document is used to chart the roadmap, but as the school responds to tailwinds or fouls, it is likely to adjust the elements in the short term. As VUCA business transformation consultants, with a design led approach to strategy, we are able to craft the big picture narrative while focussed on the details.

Our Teams

Passion for learning

We are all passionate about excellent learning through skilled and dedicated teaching: we believe that children learn best when they are happy and happiest when they learn. After getting engaged, we will share your goals and personally work on your project.

Unique experience

We have a unique range of curriculum experience, including the Indian Curriculum (CBSE), United Kingdom, International Baccalaureate (PYP, MYP and DP), the United States and can provide expert advice on the implementation of these programs on an international scale with a unique specialisation in the early years.

Professional knowledge

The team members specialize in school operations, policy creation, school digital marketing, benchmarking and feasibility studies, school startup, expansion and renovation projects as well as strategic planning.


Our team is ready to help

If you are writing a new strategic plan, conducting a self-assessment, preparing for an inspection or certification, then a visit from one of our team will enable you to make a more confident decision. We enter the classroom, talk to employees, find effective learning methods, and then give feedback to you.

We focus on what’s important

As school leaders, we are all close to the process of change and planning: usually, objective opinions drawn from a rigorous review of available evidence by experienced outsiders are truly beneficial. As key friends, we will check your school’s work in seven action areas, always being honest, supportive and positive. This realistic approach will help the school move forward decisively when you make difficult but necessary decisions.

Convenient self-assessment

Strict self-evaluation is the basic starting point of any school improvement plan. This may be a slow process, but you have to start. A visit from one of our team can greatly speed up the process by focusing on various important areas; which can complete your new plan within a specific time frame.


We are a design + strategy consulting firm with a unique expertise in education dedicated to helping all schools around the world use technology successfully. To this end, we consulted with schools and organizations to help them make informed decisions, improve information technology, sound data systems, and use learning technologies purposefully. 

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