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COVID-19 response


Dear Customers,

As the unprecedented spread of COVID-19 globally is necessitating drastic actions across our Industry, I wanted to reassure you of Zacrey's parent company and subsidiaries' continued focus to meet all our commitments to our valued clients through uninterrupted continuity of services.


Zacrey has been and is continuing to implement appropriate measures across our business to ensure we operate in a resilient and sustainable manner.


As a leading provider of operation-critical services, we have a strong track record of delivering continued operations and remain at the ready to also support you with our subject matter experts, tools and data insights as the challenges to our patrons and clients unfold.

A COVID-19 Response Team, comprised of key members of our Executive leadership, has been closely managing Zacrey's responses to the evolution of the outbreak and the impact on our team, our business and our customers.


The mandate for this team is to assess and ensure timely responses and continued preparedness as the situation develops.

A top priority is to assure the security, availability and resilience of our solutions and services as you leverage them to combat the current crisis.


Below you will find the key preparedness activities we have in place to secure continued service delivery during this event.  

System reliability and security:


Zacrey  systems can be securely reached and administered from either office or home locations, avoiding this type of disruption by design. These mirror our work as VUCA business transformation consultants ready to embrace the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the current situation.


Impact on Zacrey locations:

Our operations are distributed to ensure  accountability for managing the service and has the ability to do so without direct access to our corporate offices. Over the last 2 weeks, most of our locations have already implemented a work–from–home operating model as per local guidelines and regulations. Our distributed workforce across the globe, has a  history of effective remote work and productivity.

Safety of team : 

Our COVID-19 response team implemented a protocol to assure the safety of our staff and partners. This includes heightening of hygiene awareness and sanitary measures by location, limiting of any non-essential travel, and requiring employees returning from impacted areas to work remotely for 14 days and to be tested by an approved medical practitioner before returning to Zacrey's premises. 

If you have any questions about our business continuity plan, or ongoing support from Zacrey, please connect with us at

We will remain vigilant to provide continued service in these challenging times and are prepared to support you as our world recovers from this global pandemic. In the meantime, we wish you, your families and colleagues safe passage through this difficult period.


Sincerely yours,

Georgi Jose

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