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UN2022 : Buildings Global Status Report

The UN 2022 Buildings Global Status Report shows, the buildings and construction sector is NOT making the deep systemic changes needed to get on the path to this goal.

Decarbonizing the buildings sector by 2050 is critical to delivering these emission cuts – and to addressing the wider triple planetary crisis of climate change, nature and biodiversity

loss, and pollution and waste.

Building sector energy intensity did not improve in 2021 and renewable energy growth in buildings remains modest, although green building certification are improving. Yet, as the report shows, the sector can change.

By following the recommendations in this report, the sector can catch up and create buildings that are zero-carbon, resource efficient and resilient.

A key measure would be to pivot the mindset Towards the adoption of a Whole Life Cycle and Systems Thinking Approach

Read the full report at :

United Nations Environment Programme (2022). 2022 Global Status Report for Buildings and Construction: Towards a Zero‑emission, Efficient and Resilient Buildings and Construction Sector.

Harvard ; IEEE ; MLA ; Chicago; Vancouver

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