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Corporate Stewardship in the age of AI

As artificial intelligence reshapes businesses and societies, the role of corporate leaders is changing. No longer can companies be driven solely by narrow financial metrics; they must become stewards of the technologies they create and deploy.

A new scorecard for business success is needed - one that accounts for the social, ethical and environmental impacts of AI.

The top features leaders must cultivate for corporate stewardship in the AI era include:

•Foresight : The ability to envision multiple futures and prepare the company for disruptive change.

•Curiosity: An open, inquisitive approach to understand emerging trends and ethical considerations.

Humility: Awareness of the limitations of one's knowledge and perspectives.

Integrity: Operating with high ethical standards and concern for all stakeholders.

•Social purpose: Anchoring the company's work in a higher mission beyond profit maximization.

Those who rise to this challenge will create companies and products truly fitted to serve humanity in the century to come.

Alongside financial metrics, companies should adopt new KPIs that measure:

•Job quality: The impact of automation on workers' wages, skills, autonomy and wellbeing.

Justice: Whether AI systems disproportionately impact marginalized groups.

Safety: Potential harms and risks of new technologies.

Wellbeing: How products and services affect customers' and societies' mental and physical health.

Sustainability: The environmental footprint of products, operations and supply chains.

With these metrics, leaders can make more holistic decisions that balance the need for profits with social responsibility. They can shift investments toward activities that create the greatest positive impact rather than the highest revenue alone. And they can be transparent with stakeholders about progress - or setbacks - on non-financial goals.

Adopting a broader vision of corporate success better prepares companies for the risks and opportunities of an AI-infused world. Business leaders have tremendous power to shape how AI evolves and transforms society for better or worse. To be worthy stewards of our technological future, they must ask hard questions, reexamine priorities and build scorecards that value more than the bottom line.

Those who rise to this challenge will create companies and products truly fitted to serve humanity in the century to come.

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