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The Catalyst for the Future of Work

Our insights at Zacrey on design, strategy and transformation are an initiative to pause, reflect, appreciate, re-sharpen and transform meaningful dialogue into action with lasting impact. In this article we embrace the opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn as an effective tool to define the Future of Work in a post pandemic VUCA business world.

As an expert navigator of the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business landscape, ZACREY is now forging into the “Future of Work”.

Work in a post pandemic world

Three years since arriving in the everyday lexicon. Covid-19, has emerged to be more than a black swan event and rather a watershed moment.

The future of how we live, work, play, consume etc all drastically altered at a micro and macro level.

As an expert navigator of the VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business landscape, ZACREY is now forging into the “Future of Work”.

Our latest Initiative: KROW

Our new initiative - KROW - will be about flipping the essence of work as we add layers of purpose, planet and people to evolve the future of work in a hyeprconnected world.

KROW aims to provide you in the proptech space with the new tech enabled models of work that involve hybrid working, flex spaces, co-working, asynchronous work and new metaverse experiences.

Forbes reported that the pace of growth of the proptech ecosystem has grown by +1500% since 2015.

This is an exciting time to embrace the future of work and we offer developers, real estate firms, Facilities Managers. asset managers, REIT managers the opportunity to create compounding positive results for their commercial real estate (CRE) portfolio.

Our boutique folio of services for CRE include :

  • A. Develop plug and play solutions to pivot unused / underutilised spaces across locations and geographies.

  • B. Build alliances and Manage 3rd party relationships on with brokers, listings etc

  • C. Architect your digital twin and Metaverse experience.

Best of all, we help minimise costs and maximise returns, by integrating it within your existing teams and work management systems.

To know more about how you can pivot from mere relevance to market dominance come connect with us.

Eager to know more about how we use Design and Strategy to navigate VUCA, come connect with us at

About Zacrey Partners:

At Zacrey we architect the convergence of best ideas, best people and best practices from related industries to deliver our multi-disciplinary and often disruptive results to remain ahead of the curve.

We are human centred, design empowered and technology driven catalysts of transformation that strive to be the vanguard of Industry 5.0 drivers such as education, environment and the creative economy.

To know more visit us at or follow us @zacreypartners

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