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9 themes for every Company

In the current volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) business landscape, it is easy to lose focus. These 9 themes, serve as a northstar to navigate the ever-evolving normal and create a robust foundation to build and expand on.

(1) Clarity : Simple froth-free statements to understand how purpose is material to the performance of the business.

(2) Metrics: Accessible Authentic data on outcomes which in turn are based on data driven inputs.

(3) Governance : The boon/ bane of the idea as it blooms to take on a life of its own depends on the integrity of the people and processes to deliver such outcomes.

(4) Finance: The flow of capital dictated by both the purpose and the gap between desired & actualised outcomes which are dependent on all of the above

(5) Disclosures: Authentic reporting at every level internally and externally is key to a robust resilient business.

(6) Purpose : The why of each decision being substantiated

(7) Innovation: The need to maintain relevance and evolve strategic shifts at scale and with apparent speed requires an constant evaluation and evolution of human capital and processes.

(8) Community : Micro & Macro initiatives that blend seamlessly with the authentic storytelling helps build a community of employees, customers & ambassadors.

(9) Culture : While the purpose defines the culture on paper, we see how the culture can dictate the flow through the organisation. Building it right is better than fixing it, but fix we must with shifting paradigms of culture, behaviour and consumption.

We believe the future will be about a convergence of ideas and best practices transcended cross- industry.

We at zacrey , aim to be the partner of choice to positively impact the business ecosystem and bring the best ideas to life.

Like our mantra says . " The best way to predict the future is to create it" ​.

Learn more about how we collect dots and connect dots at

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