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Our insights at Zacrey on design, strategy and transformation are an initiative to pause, reflect, appreciate, re-sharpen and transform meaningful dialogue into action with lasting impact. In this article we embrace the opportunity to learn , unlearn and relearn as an effective tool to constantly redefine the "new" normal in the VUCA business world.

Our ethos at ZACREY is embedded in the mantra, " The best way to predict the future, is to create it ".

The NEW Normal

Covid-19 has been a prime example of volatile, uncertain, complex , ambiguous nature of business and life in itself termed as VUCA.

Mankind has risen to the occassion despite being plagued with matters that nurtured the beast within. While the 2019 discovery of a new-age virus, brought the world to a grinding halt in 2020, the truth remains in the paradox that the pandemic served up a crisis for some always and flipped into an opportunity for others. The world has strived so that the pre-pandemic era is not a page in the history book and we have tried to restore the normal, while others have been creating a "new" normal.

It has been unanimously decided - The world has Changed. It needs a 'NEW' Normal. A normal that needs to be more fluid as it adapts to different natural as well as manmade disasters. The 'NEW ' Normal is VUCA.

A new normal where

  • Vision rises above Volatility — when conditions are changing unpredictably, leaders should keep focused on the desired target state and vision. The vision should be a compelling picture of the future ( we call this the big picture thinking) that aligns stakeholders around the purpose of the transformation, the scale of the ambition and the nature of the benefits.

  • Understanding reduces Uncertainty — when uncertainty is encountered, explore and experiment in order to increase understanding of external political, economic, social, technological, legislative and environmental (PESTLE) factors.

  • Clarity counters Complexity — when faced with the unknown and unpredictable conditions that can only be understood in hindsight or retrospect, learn to simplify where possible as clarity informs decisions and decisions enable execution.

  • Agility overcomes Ambiguity — when the future contains multiple alternatives, be ready to adapt the approach to match the desired outcome. Organizational agility is simply achieved by adopting the practice of collaborate, deliver, reflect and improve against agreed metrics.

Our 2021 Playbook : PHYGITAL

The rise of 5G and other emerging technology, symbolise the movement of technology from being the backbone to being the industry suffix such as ed-tech, health-tech, agri-tech etc. The rise of variant viruses amid the rollout of vaccines will craft a necessity to have restrictions implemented at short notice. Hence the phygital world ( a hybrid of digital and physical) will have to be VUCA empowered while evolving to be VUCA proof. This endeavour will remain to be a work in progress.

Our Designs this year are directed at creating new typologies that are more responsive to a VUCA world and can transform at will and at speed. We are shaping new physical environments through smart, efficient and effective design methodolgoies and sustainable practices while we expand our global footprint to address new and emerging markets.

On the Strategy front, We are excited to work on some innovative projects that will create a first mover advantage, augment brick and mortar online, take advantage of the digital nomad, harness the gig economy and create a macro-economic impact.

Armed with resolute commitment to create high-impact design and strategy solutions and experiences, Zacrey can be your partner in successful business transformation. We use our experience and expertise to successfully navigate through a VUCA World in an accelerated manner and help you drive success in this period of fundamental change.

Eager to know more about how we use Design and Strategy to navigate VUCA, come connect with us at

About Zacrey Partners:

At Zacrey Partners, we architect the convergence of best ideas, best people and best practices from related industries to deliver our multi-disciplinary and often disruptive results to remain ahead of the curve.

We are human centred, design empowered and technology driven catalysts of transformation that strive to be the vanguard of Industry 6.0 drivers such as education, environment and the creative economy.

To know more visit us at or follow us @zacreypartners


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